Surprising to many, chiropractic care is centuries old, and it continues to evolve and improve. Based on scientific evidence and research, these revolutionary and innovative techniques offer an alternative to pain management and wellness.
Chiropractic techniques used by Bessemer chiropractor Dr. Roshun Glover

The Activator Method, the Thompson Technique, and the Diversified Adjusting technique are scientifically-backed and proven methods to produce results for pain control and overall body health.

This is why Dr. Roshun Glover prefers to use these techniques. With many years of experience in their use and application, the staff at Premier Chiropractic Center undergo regular training and education regarding the latest safety and methods for these specific techniques. That way, we ensure we are delivering the highest standard of care we possibly can.

The Activator Method

Understanding the Activator Method

The Activator Method uses a mechanized instrument which when applied generates gentle pulses, helping to adjust spinal abnormalities. First developed in 1967, it has since been FDA approved and studied extensively. In fact, it’s the second most common chiropractic technique used after the Diversified Technique (more on this below).

How the Activator Method Works

Unlike other techniques, the Activator Method does not use a hands-on technique. Instead, a special instrument is used to produce a gentle and pulsating force on the vertebrae of the spine. At the same time, it reduces the risk of any pain or discomforts from occurring. This technique is particularly useful in targeting single points, which other techniques cannot achieve.

Activator tool used by chiropractor Dr. Roshun Glover
This pulsating realigns the vertebrae and other structures back into place. In turn, this improves communication pathways within the body, allowing your body and its systems to work better overall.

The Thompson Technique

Chiropractor Dr. Roshun Glover uses the Thompson Technique and table

Understanding the Thompson Technique

Dr. J. Clay Thompson created and developed the Thompson Technique in the early 1950s. Eventually, this initial technique evolved into a patented drop down table containing many pieces called drop pieces. These drops help ease the joints of the spine back into place through pressure application. In turn, this can lead to improved strength, posture, flexibility, recovery, sleep, reduced stress, and overall better health. This technique is particularly useful for pregnancy care, pediatric care, and chronic back pain.

How the Thompson Technique Works

The drop down table used in the Thompson Technique has various individual pieces called drops. These drops are adjustable in terms of their height and depth. When the chiropractor applies pressure, these drops can assist by dropping downward which promotes the opening of the joints. This also means that minimal force is necessary, ensuring the comfort of the patient.

Similar to other chiropractic techniques, the Thompson Technique aims to use the body’s own natural healing abilities to achieve results.

The Diversified Adjusting Technique

Understanding the Diversified Adjusting Technique

The Diversified Adjusting Technique is the most common chiropractic technique used. It’s a hands-on approach which involves the chiropractor manually applying pressure to the body. With this gentle and low pressure, many patients report decreased tension, increased energy, and decreased discomfort.

How the Diversified Adjusting Technique Works

The Diversified Adjusting Technique can be applied in various ways. A chiropractor may use both palms, their fingers, or their thumbs to apply pressure to the specific spot they are working on. This pressure eases the vertebrae and other structures into their rightful positions, decreasing pain and discomforts.

Dr. Roshun Glover uses the Diversified chiropractic technique
All in all, the Diversified Adjusting Technique is one of the most reliable chiropractic care methods. It also allows for refinement and feedback via the chiropractor’s touch. This can increase your efficacy of care and increase positive outcomes.

Improving Your Spinal Health

By using gentle pressure on specific points along your spine, most of these techniques aim to realign the vertebrae and other structures surrounding the spine. As a result, communication between the brain and the rest of the body is improved, which contributes to better health and wellness.

When it comes down to it, your spinal health determines your whole-body health. By maintaining proper alignment or realigning the spine, you can lead a life where pain, injury, and illness don’t stand in your way.

Throughout the process, Dr. Roshun Glover recommends patience. Your recovery speed depends on the seriousness of your impairment, amongst other factors. Sometimes, it may take a bit longer to achieve an optimal state of health. Chiropractic care is a holistic, all-nature approach to wellness, which is why we encourage our clients to continue to come in for regular visits even after they have seen some improvement. The right chiropractic adjustments and care can become a part of your regular health and wellness regime.

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