If you’re an athlete, it’s probably quite bothersome to have to sit on the sidelines due to an injury. However, it’s the safest way so you can recover to the best of your ability. While you might want to get back in the game as soon as possible, you should take your time until you’re fully recovered. You can take steps, though, to speed this process up a bit so you can resume playing your sport as you once did. To help in the process, here’s what could affect your recovery. 


When You Resume Activity

Although every body part heals differently and so does each injury, one fact remains the same — all require some rest for healing to occur. Therefore, make sure you take some time off from participating in sports or engaging in other physical activity or strenuous work immediately following your injury. Listen to your body. If it hurts, that’s your body’s warning sign that you’re doing too much. 

Keep in mind that you’ll only hinder your healing if you start using the part before you should. 

Your primary care physician or chiropractor can provide you with recommendations as to when you can resume playing your sport or physical activity in general. 



The nutrients in food, i.e. minerals and vitamins, are necessary for the healing process. If you’re eating a lousy diet not rich in vitamins and minerals, your injury won’t be able to heal to the best of its ability. Additionally, eating a diet high in sodium could add to any swelling you already have, making the injury temporarily worse. 



Sleep is basically a physical and mental reset of your brain. As you sleep, your body repairs muscle and tissue. Therefore, if you’re not sleeping as you should, your body doesn’t have the chance to repair itself. While you always need seven to nine hours of sleep each night, it becomes even more imperative when you have an injury. 


Overall Health 

Conditions such as diabetes can slow the healing process. For instance, with diabetes, uncontrolled or poorly controlled glucose levels can slow your circulation, which means fewer nutrients are reaching the injured area. And these are necessary for healing to occur. As a result, if you have any medical conditions, make sure you manage them properly. 


Stress Levels 

Stress can slow healing. For this reason, find ways to relieve your stress in a healthy manner. Try participating in a new hobby; obviously, one that doesn’t stress your affected body part. Take time to read or sit in nature, taking in the fresh air. Give yourself time to get a hot bath each night and let your mind wander. If you feel yourself getting stressed and overwhelmed, try deep breathing exercises to calm yourself down. 


Start Your Treatment ASAP 

As soon as you know you experienced an injury, contact a chiropractor for a visit. At this point, you can start the recovery process sooner, which means you’ll begin the healing process sooner. Having the appropriate treatment also means a better recovery. You’ll regain as much of your function and flexion as possible. 

During your treatment, make sure you’re listening to your practitioner and only participating in activities that are safe for you at that particular point in your recovery.

Sitting on the bench is a drag. We understand. Resting is necessary for healing, though, and it’s helpful to understand what else could affect your healing time so you can resume doing what you love — sports. And never forget that Premier Chiropractic Center, serving Bessemer, AL, and the nearby region, is there to assist!

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